Coconut Oil, Cold Presseed, Virgin 500ml

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To eat raw and cosmetics.

Very nutritrious healthy and a stable alternative to cooking oils. Can be used in frying and baking.

It contains vitamins A, C, Calcium and Iron.

It's a wonderful, natural body butter too without chemicals! 

Lubricates, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair.

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Coconut Oil, Cold Presseed Virgin 500ml

Coconut oil Virgin 500ml


Unpurified - at the bottom of the jar there may be natural particles of coconut pulp


has a natural coconut smell


100% Coconut Oil - VIRGIN coconut oil offered by us is cold-pressed from raw material from Indonesia. The pressing process itself is carried out in the POLISH press - thanks to that we have 100% certainty that the offered product is of the highest quality, and the pressing process takes place in a correct manner. It has a wonderful taste and aroma characteristic for the coconut. Unrefined oil preserves the natural vitamins and minerals found in it.


Virgin Coconut oil owes its popularity to its fatty acid combination.


Saturated fats - 91% including:


lauric acid - 48%


myristic acid - 18%


palmitic acid - 9%


caprylic acid - 7%


stearic acid - 3%



Unsaturated fats - 9% including:


monounsaturated - 7% (omega-9 oleic acid - 7%


polyunsaturated - 2% (Omega-6 linolenic acid - 2%



Nutritional value in 100g: Energy value: 3700kJ / 900kcal, fat, including: saturated fatty acids 91g, carbohydrates 0g, including: sugars 0g, protein 0g, salt 0g


Virgin coconut oil is about 90% saturated fat. In contrast to fats of animal origin, they are saturated fats of medium chain length. SOVED OILS MCT, which the human body transforms directly into energy and does not store in the form of deposits or fat stores.


One of the most important acids found in Virgin oil is lauric acid. It is characterized by support of the immune system, has some antibacterial and antiviral effects. Lauric acid also occurs in mother's milk. In addition, Virgin coconut oil contains vitamins A, B, and C as well as minerals: calcium, phosphorus and potassium.




Due to its richness in natural ingredients, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has also been used in cosmetics. It can be successfully used as a cream for dry, dehydrated, tired and mature skin. Coconut oil is very often used as a "conditioner" for hair. Treatment with the use of coconut compressions restores damaged hair softness, smoothness and beautiful gloss.



Extra Virgin coconut oil is also ideal for whole body care - moisturizes, soothes and reduces the symptoms of itchy, irritated skin.



Coconut oil Extra Virgin at a temperature above 25 degrees changes its consistency to a smooth - in no way reduces its nutritional value and cosmetic properties. It is a natural "behavior" - after lowering the temperature the oil returns to a solid consistency.



Properties and application:


In 90% it consists of saturated fats converted into energy by the body


The body does not store saturated fat as opposed to animal fats


It supports the immune system


It contains vitamins A, B and C


It contains minerals such as: potassium, phosphorus and calcium


It is durable and thermally stable


Ideal for spreading bread, cooking, frying and baking


Used as a cream, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin


It has anti-wrinkle properties


The perfect rescue for damaged and dried hair after hairdressing


It soothes and reduces the symptoms of itchy, irritated scalp






Adults recommend a dosage of 3-4 tablespoons of oil

It is best to take it during the meal - then it is best absorbed in the body

For frying use identically to traditional crushers

For cosmetic purposes, apply Extra Virgin oil to the skin and massage gently.


Best before: the expiry date is on the packaging.

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