The Mitra company has developed the herbal BODY DETOXIFICATION SYSTEM (BDS) called Colon Pack which helps you reach three key goals on your way to good health and a good mental and physical state:

  1. 1. Elimination of parasites.
  2. 2. Removal of toxins.
  3. 3. Cleansing the intestine of fecal deposits.

Colon Pack is a kit consisting of three products: Parasine Plus, CoFiber, Natural Cleansing Tea (NCT). These three strong products ensure the best level of detoxification of your organism.

Benefits of BDS with Colon Pack:

  • * helps to purge the organism of toxins and other useless substances in a natural way
  • * supports proper functioning of the stomach and the intestine (removes fecal deposits, relieves constipation, hemorrhoids, diarrhoea, flatulence, hyperacidity and heartburn)
  • * prevents development of tumors
  • * regenerates intestinal, urinary and immunological systems
  • * causes better absorption of nutrients
  • * helps to remove excess water from the organism
  • * prepares the digestive duct for removal of useless chemical compounds
  • * alleviates ailments of the digestive and urinary systems
  • * deactivates and eliminates parasitic organisms
  • * eliminates impurities and toxins from the organism
  • * helps to cleanse colon and liver
  • * provides fibre that is essential for the proper functioning of the stomach and the intestine
  • * helps maintain body weight

The most important COMMENT for You:

Do not start any programme of either supplementing (fighting excess free radicals, de-acidification of the organism, weight control, impaired memory, atherosclerosis) or enhancing current therapy before applying BDO. Why? Because intestines that are not cleansed and are often infested with fungi absorb only 9-10% of food, supplements and medicines instead of 90%. This results in lack of healing effects, unnecessary costs, psychical discomfort, dislike of the application of supplementation, lack of support from medical circles.

Parasites are organisms living in or on another organism (a host). Such a situation is beneficial for a parasite which has shelter and food while its host not only gains no benefit but quite often suffers damage.

There are many kinds of organisms which act as parasites in the human body. Parasites living in a host’s organism may have an impact on various tissues and organs such as blood, the lymphatic system, the stomach, the small intestine, the liver, and the gallbladder, thus weakening the defensive (immunological) system. Usually the host is weakened by the action of great number of parasites after the immunological system attempts to fight intruders.

  • * fatigue
  • * allergies
  • * problems with intestine and skine
  • * unpleasant body smell
  • * flatulence and constipation
  • * reduction of immunity
  • * acceleration of ageing processes

Main sources of parasites: contaminated water, pet animals, insufficiently cooked meat, insufficiently washed fruit and vegetables, public toilets and swimming pools.

What they do? Their prolonged stay in the human organism may cause fatigue, allergy, intestinal and skin problems, unpleasant body smell, flatulence and constipation. They may also cause lowering of immunity of the whole body and acceleration of the ageing process.

Many people think that the occurrence of parasites is limited to underdeveloped tropical countries but all of us may encounter some kinds of these organisms at various stages of our lives. The three products making up Colon Pack contain many kinds of fibre, plant substances and herbs. They ensure gentle but effective detoxification of the body.

You are not free of toxins! Toxins are everywhere – in the food we eat, in the water we drink, in the air we breathe and in many products we use every day. Our large intestine hosts over 400-500 various “tenants”. A contaminated large intestine may directly deliver toxins to adjacent organs such as kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, uterus and ovaries in the case of women, or prostate in the case of men, and inflict damage on them. Toxins are the cause of serious disturbances of the bodily system, they weaken it and make it more susceptible to various diseases.

Colon Pack combines a unique and complete set of products selected to help to effectively cleanse your body.

Colon Pack contains the following products:

Parasine Plus is designed to assist in cleansing your body and removing unwanted parasites and toxins from your organism. It contains the highest quality herbal components renowned for their cleansing properties. It will help you effectively cleanse your body of parasites and toxins without any side-effects common to chemical preparations. While cleansing, the supplement also alleviates ailments of the urinary duct and the digestive system.

CoFiber is designed to assist in cleansing your body. It contains the highest quality herbal components known for their cleansing properties. This balanced formula uses dozens of herbs and soluble and insoluble fibres. Tests demonstrate that soluble fibre has many beneficial effects for the human organism while insoluble fibre helps remove toxins and other impurities (e.g. fecal deposits) from the intestine. Fibre is also helpful in controlling body weight since it makes a person feel that his/her stomach is satiated and so reduces the appetite. It is beneficial to the digestive duct and assists in proper digestion and excretion.

Natural Cleansing Tea is a tea composed of natural components, helping with removal of toxic substances from the organism. Suitably selected components improve the functions of the stomach, the intestine and the kidneys and cause better absorption of nutrients by the organism. It facilitates bowel movements.

Recommendations: In order to maintain optimal health it is recommended to use Colon Pack twice a year (or more frequently if necessary).

Note: We do not recommend the above programme for pregnant and breast-feeding women. Application of Body Cleansing System with Colon Pack has no impact on your current therapy administered by your doctor.

Parasine Plus, CoFiber and Natural Cleansing Tea may be used separately.