Why Hot Stones? Stone Massage in any form is thought to be very benecial for the body if it is carried out by an experienced and licensed professional. 

The stone massage has some unique properties that make it an exceptionally benecial resource for people looking to relieve the stresses of modern life, or even pain incurred from injuries.

One of the most important things about these massages is the type of stone used. They are primarily a piece of volcanic rock with high proportions of iron and silica. This helps them absorb heat well and release it at a slow rate so that they do not burn the skin and do not have to be reheated as frequently. These are generally dark in colour but can be seen to change colour when used with dierent oils or lotions.
In addition, the stones are usually at and shaped to be extremely smooth to the touch. This is because any naturally jagged edges will obviously interfere with the calming sensation that is sought when undertaking the massage. The stones come in many dierent sizes andshapes, and while they are carefully created not to be too heavy, most have some weight to them so they can be manipulated to ensure a they will most likely be used, for example, the back, the legs, and the nape of the neck, so they can settle comfortably into the contours of your body.

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