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BioColostrum 100% natural diet supplement  Accelerates renewal of injured muscle, bone, cartilage, collagen and nerve tissue. It enhances the burning of fat during the diet. Accelerates healing burns, operative wounds, injuries from cuts, abrasions and irritated lips. Reduces overall infections and pain, gingivitis, sensitivity of teeth, toothaches after...

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It's a veritable "vitamin bomb" that works comprehensively due to its rich composition. It is food for the heart and brain, improves vision, calms the nerves, it helps fight bacteria. It is irreplaceable in every disease and recommended for both children and adults.Strong vitality and antioxidant, supporting hematopoiesis

£ 12.99

Vitamin C Powder with the extract of Wild Rose with citrus bioflavonoids It strengthens the immunity of any organism, has an antioxidant effect, perfectly complements vitamin C, and because of its delicious and sweet taste is ideal for children who will be happy they drink vitamin in the form of a beverage. Extract of wild rose affects the best absorption...

£ 6.99

To eat raw and cosmetics. Very nutritrious healthy and a stable alternative to cooking oils. Can be used in frying and baking. It contains vitamins A, C, Calcium and Iron. It's a wonderful, natural body butter too without chemicals!  Lubricates, moisturizes and nourishes the skin and hair.

£ 22.99

How can diatoms help you: - Cleansing your body ensuring clean intestines, - Removal of parasites from your digestive system - Healthy hair, nails and joints - Improvement of metabolism, weight loss, healthy figure - Neutral pH reaction - Detoxification

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 Albendazol contains albendazole - the active ingredient with anthelmintics (antiparasitic). Albendazole works on parasites (worms) and their larvae, preventing the absorption of sugars(Glucose), which makes them lose their energy and die. It also works on parasite eggs.

£ 22.99

Para Farm is a dietary supplement formulated from natural ingredients which: - Creates unfavorable conditions for the development of parasites and their spores - Prevents indigestion - Creates unfavorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungi - Strengthens the immune and digestive system - Cleanses the body - Restores the proper...

£ 23.49

Sensational complex of: 17 vitamins 17 antioxidants 15 enzymes 19 minerals and trace elements 28 acids 37 biologically active organic substances Diet supplementPasteurized product. Take care of your daily dose of vitality for your body! 500 ml.

£ 35.00

It is a comprehensive nutritional supplement for children with regard to the specific needs of the child and adolescent organisms, stimulating and regulating the metabolism, providing easy removal of waste products and other harmful substances, enhancing immunity against diseases, increasing resistance to physical and mental stress and facilitating...

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KSYLITOLKI this delicious candy with xylitol content WITHOUT SUGAR!!!   They inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Facilitate the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Deacidification body. Strengthen the immune system and autoimmune.   Ingredients: xylitol (birch natural sugar), acerola, turmeric, natural dye beet sugar, magnesium stearate.

£ 39.99

Activates the immune system in children and adults supports the natural digestive processes (blood supply and peristalsis) It supports the creation of normal intestinal microflora, as a base for creating `good ` bacteria

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- Creates unfavorable conditions for the development of parasites and their spores - Prevents indigestion, - Creates unfavorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungi, - Cleanses the body, - Restores the proper functioning of the digestive system.

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