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Delicious, traditional Chinese green tea with subtle aroma and delicate taste with a bit of bitterness. The most natural of all teas because it is not subjected to fermentation. Considered a elixir of longevity. Meet the world's oldest tea and Chinese specialty.

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Delicious, traditional green tea considered a longevity potion enriched with lemon grass. It is distinguished by its unique taste and aroma similar to lemon, but without its acidity. Adds energy and quenches thirst on hot days.

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Excellent, classic black tea from Ceylon – the cradle of the best types of tea. It satisfies the taste of the  most demanding gourmet. Intense aroma and strong, deep colour and the same time delicate taste prove its special quality. The most popular tea in the world, it also tastes great with milk and sugar.

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supports slimming,  lower cholesterol  protects against decay  can improve memory, normalize blood pressure and have diuretic properties

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It contains two very unique nutrients such as quercetin and bioflavonoids, which have a beneficial effect on our entire body. Rooibos is used as a remedy for nagging headaches, insomnia, asthma and many other ailments. It has a beautiful color and a wonderful fragrance.

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combating migraines and insomnia works well on the digestive system contains a set of minerals and vitamins B and E state of exhaustion

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Swedish Bitters cleanse the blood, improve circulation, dispel flatulence, headaches, indigestion, stomach, gallbladder, liver and kidney disorders  . For all illnesses, they are most beneficial, even for cancer.

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