Water Activators 

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The purification of drinking water by reverse osmosis is one of the most modern, most efficient and cheapest methods and is the only method of filtration that can remove water-soluble chemical compounds from water. The price includes filter installation and two-year filter replacement service.

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Silicon is an element of life that plays one of the key roles to keep the body alive. Drinking silicon water strengthens immunity, promotes metabolic processes, reduces blood sugar, flushes out toxins, especially aluminium, improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It adds energy and vigor.

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Shungite purifies water mainly from heavy metals contained in it or colloidal iron found in water pipes. It also neutralizes and catches nitrates and nitrites, dioxins, petroleum products, pesticides, phenols, chloro-organic compounds, radionuclides. At the same time, the carbon filter for water saturates the body with the necessary micro and...

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the best and healthiest water for our body. causes that the stone is not deposited, for example in kettles but also in our body. it delivers nutrients to the body faster and more efficiently and transports wastes generated in waste processes more easily improves the taste of dishes and baked goods, and harmonizes and increases the quality of alcoholic...

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