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conditions soil and plants, promotes formation of crumbly soil structure and proper air-water relations in the soil, supports germination of plants, intensifies microbial processes in the soil and increases the availability of macro- and micronutrients, optimizes the use of water, neutralizes odors, higienizes and biodisinfects premises.

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BioKlean soft®: - removes dirt, - refreshes the air, - minimizes unpleasant odors, - reduces the occurrence of mould, - biologicalisation and disinfection of rooms and equipment, - hygiene and clarification of water in small pools and ponds. Contains Probiotic Microorganisms.

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Ema5 with Tansy is a composition of beneficial, natural and non-genetically modified microorganisms. Improvement of soil quality and plant vitality, natural hygienizer, pest repellent.

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ProBio Powder is made in a process of special treatment of pieces of rock with the addition of beneficial microorganisms, nutrients from molasses and water.Certificate: PZH HR/B/96/2013

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