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Himalayan Salt 1000g Granulated   Ingredients: 100% Himalayan Salt .  

£ 4.50

The Best quality himalayan salt for everyday use in the kitchen and even for bathing! Rich in iron and other minerals!

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(Vitex agnus-castus) - the fruit of the pepper essence stabilize the hormonal balance during menopause, infertility, acne or premenstrual syndrome. It raises testosterone levels in men.

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An excellent addition to bread Chickpea Paste with cumin Vegan produkt

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Aubergine paste   with dried tomatoes  Vegan Gluten free

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Swedish Bitters cleanse the blood, improve circulation, dispel flatulence, headaches, indigestion, stomach, gallbladder, liver and kidney disorders  . For all illnesses, they are most beneficial, even for cancer.

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Salt is a very important ingredient in our diet. We add to most dishes, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In this case, it is important that the salt consumed has health properties, so that you can consume it without any remorse.

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Himalayan salt contains 84 minerals. It is used for everything from cooking, supplementing minerals in the body, foot bath and shower. Human cells need 64 minerals everyday.

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Amaranth are small seeds with a mild, sweet and nutty flavor. It is a very nutritious and delicious ingredient, ideal for thickening sauces, soups, stews or yoghurts or milk. It adds an interesting taste to dishes, desserts and looks very unusual which will spice up ordinary meals.

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Secret spice that pleases our palate! Traditionally dried in natural smoke from the wood of Liberian oak, to which it owes its unique taste and aroma. Contains vitamin C, B, a large amount of beta-carotene and essential oils. It stimulate the secretion of gastric juice and improve the appetite. Excellent seasoning for sauces, salads, soups, meat dishes,...

£ 3.50

secret spice that pleases our palate! smoking on oak has a distinctive taste and pleasant smell of smoke contains vitamin C, B, a fairly large amount of beta-carotene and essential oils excellent seasoning for any cooking

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Cinnamon can be used for spicing every sweetened dishes, e.g.: pudding, milk beverages, biscuits, chocolate. Small amount of cinnamon may be added to goulash, mutton, beef, boiled fish, ham. It is also suitable for punches and other beverages such as coke. Perfect for mulled beer, mulled wine and liqueurs. Gluten free!

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