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Vitamin C Powder with the extract of Wild Rose with citrus bioflavonoids It strengthens the immunity of any organism, has an antioxidant effect, perfectly complements vitamin C, and because of its delicious and sweet taste is ideal for children who will be happy they drink vitamin in the form of a beverage. Extract of wild rose affects the best absorption...

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Enjoy real coffee taste without caffeine! Chicory Instant Coffee contains only naturally occurring sugars and is rich in fiber which additionally supports slimming! Also improves the digestive tract.

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Natural Raspberry Juice with added vitamin C without sugar and unnecessary chemical preservatives! Ideal for drinking directly or after mixing with water or as an additive for any tea. Supplemented with vitamin C to help fight any colds and improve our immune system!

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Natural antioxidants, which protect cells from the degrading effect of free radicals. Wealth of vitamins and macronutrients, in particular potassium and folic acid, which regulate the growth and proper functioning of cells, which is extremely important for pregnant women, the elderly and the problems of the nervous system. Beet juice is part of the anemic...

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Rich in vitamin C! Even a small dose of the drink helps to cope with everyday stress and weakness of the body. Pomegranate juice has a record high amount of natural antioxidants, thanks to which it can delay the aging process of the skin. It is readily used during colds, for the prevention of vascular diseases and for urinary tract infections.

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The properties: strengthening the immune system; positive affects the digestive system; helps regulate digestion; supports the fight against bacteria and harmful fungi and yeasts in the gut; thanks to the pH 5 level, it relieves heartburn.

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