Dried Fruit and Nuts 

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It's a veritable "vitamin bomb" that works comprehensively due to its rich composition. It is food for the heart and brain, improves vision, calms the nerves, it helps fight bacteria. It is irreplaceable in every disease and recommended for both children and adults.Strong vitality and antioxidant, supporting hematopoiesis

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High quality Cashew Nuts 200g Healthy Heart Prevents Cancer Lowers High Blood Pressure Healthy Bones Helps hair Healthy Nerves Prevents Gallstones Helps in Weight Loss Anti-oxidants Helps Digestion High on Vitamins Healthy Gums and Teeth Pleasant sleep

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Apricot kernel - strengthens and immunizes the whole body, Apricot kernels are like most nuts and seeds, very nutritious. Among the nutrients they contain are amygdalin which is commonly known as vitamin B17. THE PRODUCT IS 100% NATURAL, DOES NOT CONTAIN CONSERVANTS.

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