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This Nanotechnology it's the best natural remedies for periodontitis, bleeding gums, inflammation of the gums. Plaque. removes and prevents the formation of aphthae, thrush, ulcer, herpes. Raid on the tongue, unpleasant smell from the mouth, disinfection of the mouth. Inflammation of the sinuses, sore throats, runny nose, inflammation of the ears,...

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Colloidal silver with very fine individual Ag ++ particles is obtained from the silver of the highest sample 0.999, condensed - 150 ppm strengthens immunity,works like an antibiotic,expels heavy metals from the body 

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Colloidal gold with very fine individual particles of Au ++ is obtained from gold of the highest order 0.999, condensed -150 ppm. The product is tested and registered in the CPNP as a cosmetic for external use, not as a medicine or a dietary supplement.

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Fluoride free Sugar free Paraben free The combination of organic lavender water and mint oil has powerful anti-inflammatory and cooling effect. The natural ingredient xylitol has proven anti-caries effect which reduces bad breath and dry mouth. Lavender also calms, relaxes and helps in falling asleep. The paste is ideal for evening oral hygiene.

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It does not contain Parabens, Fluoride, Sugar. The toothpaste with Spirulina and minerals of the Black Sea cares for the vitality of the gums and healthy teeth. The extract of natural Spirulina increases the elasticity and blood supply of the gums, restoring their natural color. Marine minerals and salts are involved in the process of remineralisation and...

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Enriched with organic rose water which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, and xylitol - with natural anti-caries effect, which reduces bad breath and dry mouth. The delicate Rosa Damascena flavour pleasantly tonifies and freshens breath. Suitable for the whole family.  

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Kamchatkan thermal water have soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing properties Pearl extract works anti aging and whitens Rhodiola Rosea strengthens and calms irrated gums Organic Ginseng is known as a panacea for almost any ailment, works Anti-thrombotic and axiodant A unique combination will protect your teeth and gums and help to harden enamel, while...

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