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Ayurvedic Nutritive Elixir Asparagus racemosus enhances activity of female reproductive systemIt optimises the hormonal system and menstrual cycleIt contributes to the smooth course of menstruation and its symptomsIt harmonises mental function during irritation and nervousness

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Indications for the use of the medicinal product are constipation, cleansing of the large intestine from deposits, toxins etc, purification before diagnostic examinations, before and after surgical procedures, cleaning the intestine with contrast medium deposits after radiological examination and cleaning the intestine before and after childbirth.

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The product is intended for infants, children and adults for nasal hygiene: for rinsing or cleaning of a dry or blocked nose for eye hygiene: as a liquid for rinsing or washing eyes, eyelids (relief for eye irritations) to rinse ears for washing wounds for inhalation in aerosol therapy

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Beta Cruenta Plus is recommended for those going through or having completed chemotherapy treatment, anaemia, leukaemia, haemophilia, blood clots, varicose veins and numbness of limbs, physical exhaustion following pregnancy and child birth, children and young people during intensive growth stages, recovery following active sports and digestive complaints.

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