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£ 16.99

Strengthening and regenerating shampoo  Healthy hair starts from the scalp. Take care of it especially!Because of the content of Mumio this shampoo does not dry out the skin, helps to eliminate the itchiniess and exfoliation of the skin, and in addition in also regenarates it. The same activity happens with the hair, it strenghtens and regenerates it from...

£ 6.99

Give softness, protects hair colour, restores structure. Contains olive extract and UV filters protect hair from aggressive sunlight exposure. Olive extract actively moisturises and nourishes the hair as well as intensifies it's colour and shine. 97,2% ingredients of natural origin. NO PARABENS, NO SLS

£ 8.99

Restores your hair structure, strengthens your hair and protects it against exposure to the sun. Lavender extract nourishes and strengthens your hair, gives it a natural shine and protects it from environmental stress. UV filters protect against harmful UV radiation and free radicals, so your hair colour remains bright and shiny for a longer time.

£ 12.30

- Active antifungal, antimicrobial agent - Immunomodulating agent - Has a wound-healing, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, - Analgesic effect - Normalize the metabolism of the scalp - Reduces and normalizes sebum - Eliminates the itching scalp

£ 8.99

Olive oil effectively nourishes and moisturizes the hair. Burdock extract rebuilds the hair structure, strengthens the bulbs and protects the ends of hair from breaking. Olive extract gives the hair elasticity and natural shine. 97% organic ingredients. NO PARABENS, NO SLS, NO COLOURANTS

£ 13.99

BIOLOGICALLY ACTIVE INFUSION COMPOSITION+VITAMIN COMPLEX: • Minerals zinc,iron,potassium,calcium,magnesium-nourish the roots, strengthen their structure, prevent loss • Flavonoids-normalize the microcirculation of the scalp • Vitamins B1,B2,B5,A,E,PP,C-nourish hair follicles, support growth, add strength and shine • Unsaturated fatty acids-strengthen...

£ 7.80

Keratin is a natural protein that is an important component of the hair structure. It effectively rebuilds the hair, strengthens and improves elasticity. Honey extract supports the natural balance of moisture in the hair and scalp. for everyday use for thin and weak hair 98.8% ingredients of organic origin It does not contain sls, parabens and artificial...

£ 6.99

Restores hair structure and provides energy. Cane extract actively nourishes the hair follicles, thus reducing the tendency of hair to fall out. Shea butter also nourishes and renews the natural shine of your hair. for everyday use for weak and falling hair 98.8% ingredients of organic origin It does not contain sls, parabens and artificial colours.

£ 5.99

This shampoo carefully cleans and moisturizes hair, enhancing elasticity and volume. Unsaturated fatty acids help to moisturize hair from root to tip. Hydrolyzed keratin aids the structure of hair, helping to maintain desirable volume. Silk amino acids helps to repair damage and unevenness, making hair softer and smoother. The product not contain...

£ 5.99

Refreshes hair and scalp Moisturize Nourishes Polishes It improves the condition of the scalp Strengthens Elasticises Smoothes Frozen Berries shampoo by Natura Siberica is a product recommended for oily hair. Its base is natural plant ingredients, it does not contain paraffin, PEG, parabens, artificial colors.

£ 5.99

100% cold pressed, unrefined, it is a source of vitamin A, B vitamins and vitamin E. It shows regenerative properties. It is well absorbed due to the presence of palmitic acid with oleic acid, which is also a component of human skin. It nourishes, smoothes and softens the skin. Firms and improves elasticity, giving the skin a visibly better look.

£ 4.20

Castor oil is a thick, viscous, rich and astringent oil. It is very soothing and nourishing, as well as being very affective at drawing impurities from the skin. Perfect for: - face skin - all body - hair, scalp - dry and irritated skin Also can be helpful with constipation.

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