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Hyaluronic Acid has many benefits and is one of the most interesting ingredients in skin care, specifically. As we age, skin moisture can drop significantly, which makes the skin lose elasticity and expose the signs of aging on the skin. Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to hold in moisture (1000 ml of water per...

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NATURAL COLLAGEN - Platinum 50ml Natural Collagen Platinum – Unique Formula Q5-26, is a 100% natural, biologically active fish collagen which tackles the cause of skin ageing by activating collagen production on a cellular level!

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Green Liquid Soap is designed for sensitive skin. It contains natural additives that have exceptional regenerative properties. It regenerates and nourishes the skin, giving it a healthy look. Contains: ProBio Emy™ (beneficial microflora), green barley, fermented herbs, sugar cane molasses, ProBio Powder (ceramic clay).

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Cornflower and meadow skylight are well-known plants in folk medicine with beneficial effects on eyes. Contained in our cream provide the most delicate and thinning skin around the eyes long-lasting protection and relief. Carefully selected active ingredients of the cream will help reduce dark circles and puffiness, remove signs of fatigue, while...

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An excellent conditioner for face and body! It prevents the aging of the skin, eliminates stubborn acne. Prevents the skin from drying and cracking! Efficiently eliminates calloused skin on elbows, knees, feet etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plt_hIcJ5n4&feature=youtu.be

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Tea tree oil is one of those oils that are extremely widely used. It is characterized by very strong bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties. It works, among others for the treatment of acne, dandruff and seborrhea. In addition, it is able to remove warts. It also has antipruritic, analgesic, astringent and regenerating properties. Accelerates...

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Colloidal silver with very fine individual Ag ++ particles is obtained from the silver of the highest sample 0.999, condensed - 150 ppm strengthens immunity,works like an antibiotic,expels heavy metals from the body 

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Silicon is an element of life that plays one of the key roles to keep the body alive. Drinking silicon water strengthens immunity, promotes metabolic processes, reduces blood sugar, flushes out toxins, especially aluminium, improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It adds energy and vigor.

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Colloidal gold with very fine individual particles of Au ++ is obtained from gold of the highest order 0.999, condensed -150 ppm. The product is tested and registered in the CPNP as a cosmetic for external use, not as a medicine or a dietary supplement.

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