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Dr Zabłocka brine mist is a natural mineral water with app. 3,5% dr Zabłocka Curative Salt concentration. The brine is biologically pure, as it is extracted from 500 meters below the face of the earth in a town called Dębowiec in the southern Poland. Zabłocka brine strengthens immune system, provides human organism with iodine, eliminates its shortages...

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Possible applications include: amyloidosis arthritis athletic injuries back pain and disc problems burns bursitis cancer pain cardiovascular diseases cerebral edema frostbite frozen shoulder gouty arthritis hemorrhoids injuries joint pain multiple sclerosis muscle spasms neuritis post-operative pain rheumatoid arthritis sciatica varicose veins and much more.

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Green Liquid Soap is designed for sensitive skin. It contains natural additives that have exceptional regenerative properties. It regenerates and nourishes the skin, giving it a healthy look. Contains: ProBio Emy™ (beneficial microflora), green barley, fermented herbs, sugar cane molasses, ProBio Powder (ceramic clay).

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         Torras Stevia Hazelnut and Chocolate Spread          Stevia Product          Gluten Free          Gelatine Free

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Indications for the use of the medicinal product are constipation, cleansing of the large intestine from deposits, toxins etc, purification before diagnostic examinations, before and after surgical procedures, cleaning the intestine with contrast medium deposits after radiological examination and cleaning the intestine before and after childbirth.

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The product is intended for infants, children and adults for nasal hygiene: for rinsing or cleaning of a dry or blocked nose for eye hygiene: as a liquid for rinsing or washing eyes, eyelids (relief for eye irritations) to rinse ears for washing wounds for inhalation in aerosol therapy

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Children teeth - it helps them grow and healthy! Harmless and tasty, with natural ingredients! It does not contain fluoride, mint, saccharine, sodium lauryl sulfate or harmful for the kids health preservatives and colors!

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Colloidal silver with very fine individual Ag ++ particles is obtained from the silver of the highest sample 0.999, condensed - 150 ppm strengthens immunity,works like an antibiotic,expels heavy metals from the body 

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Silicon is an element of life that plays one of the key roles to keep the body alive. Drinking silicon water strengthens immunity, promotes metabolic processes, reduces blood sugar, flushes out toxins, especially aluminium, improves the condition of the skin, hair and nails. It adds energy and vigor.

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Supports digestive system Strenghtens immune system Helps in maintaining healthy bones Helps to eliminate constipation, bloating and heartburn Activates the body cleansing process Neutralizes toxins and side effects of food and nutrients, antibiotics Helps in the absorption of vitamins and minerals Destroys fungi, microbes and pathogens

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