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£ 49.99

It's a veritable "vitamin bomb" that works comprehensively due to its rich composition. It is food for the heart and brain, improves vision, calms the nerves, it helps fight bacteria. It is irreplaceable in every disease and recommended for both children and adults.Strong vitality and antioxidant, supporting hematopoiesis

£ 5.99

Vitamin: B3 - Niacin B5 - Pantothenic acid B6- Pyridoxine B2- Riboflavin B1- Thiamine B9- (B11) – Folic acid B7-(vit H) Biotin B12- Cyanocobalamin

£ 10.99

Recommended for people with zinc, copper and magnesium deficiency, with lowered resistance to infections, skin problems and hair loss. 

£ 23.49

Sensational complex of: 17 vitamins 17 antioxidants 15 enzymes 19 minerals and trace elements 28 acids 37 biologically active organic substances Diet supplementPasteurized product. Take care of your daily dose of vitality for your body! 500 ml.

£ 35.99

Silica has a regenerating, cleansing, anti-fungal and strengthening effect on the human body at all its physical and energetic levels.

£ 19.99

Beta Cruenta Plus is recommended for those going through or having completed chemotherapy treatment, anaemia, leukaemia, haemophilia, blood clots, varicose veins and numbness of limbs, physical exhaustion following pregnancy and child birth, children and young people during intensive growth stages, recovery following active sports and digestive complaints.

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supports slimming,  lower cholesterol  protects against decay  can improve memory, normalize blood pressure and have diuretic properties

£ 6.99

For fertility problems Stimulates ovulation For people who have problems with weight (overweight or underweight) With problems and appetite For people who have cholesterol problems. prevents the development of heart and blood vessel diseases

£ 21.99

combating migraines and insomnia works well on the digestive system contains a set of minerals and vitamins B and E state of exhaustion

£ 12.99

Pure Organic Hemp Protein Rich in fibre Rich in aminoacids

£ 16.99

It supports the natural immunity of the bodyIt protects the body from oxidative stressPositively affects physical performancePositively affects the moodIt helps to maintain the proper level of glucose in the bloodPositively affects for female and male libido

£ 19.99

Natural pure organic linden honey straight from the apiary Has healing properties in both upper respiratory ailments and typical colds

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