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Tribulus terrestris helps to strengthen musclesIt supports muscle toningWithania somnifera builds up the muscle massIt acts as stimulant and a source of energyTinospora cordifolia builds resistance and structure of the body

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Contains easily digestible organic compounds of calcium, magnesium and potassium, effectively neutralizing the excess acid build up in the body. The present formulation, inulin (dietary fiber) stimulates intestinal function, prevents the stagnation of food in the gastrointestinal tract and the undigested remnants in the large intestine, reducing adverse...

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How can diatoms help you: - Cleansing your body ensuring clean intestines, - Removal of parasites from your digestive system - Healthy hair, nails and joints - Improvement of metabolism, weight loss, healthy figure - Neutral pH reaction - Detoxification

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overweight diabetes mellitus purification of the body urologic diseases gastrointestinal disorders gastric ulcer duodenal ulcer hyperfunction of thyroid gland constipations headaches brain concussion bronchitis, chronic bronchitis joints diseases, degenerative disk disease of spine rheumatism arthritis cysts, mastopathy neuroses insomnia rheumatism pain...

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BIO Apple Vinegar 5%, 250ml, natural, eco-friendly 5% acidity. Best quality. The product naturally cloudy and naturally gluten-free.

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stimulates the sensory endings in the gastrointestinal tract natural fat burner supports metabolism increases the secretion of gastric juice improves digestion and accelerates the burning of adipose tissue Increases physical fitness of the body improves concentration strengthens the immune system

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- Creates unfavorable conditions for the development of parasites and their spores - Prevents indigestion, - Creates unfavorable conditions for the growth and reproduction of bacteria and fungi, - Cleanses the body, - Restores the proper functioning of the digestive system.

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- Nutrition for the brain - Nourishing the liver - Renal problems - Antiviral activity - Reinforced hair, skin and nails - Diabetes and blood sugar levels - Helps to control weight gain - It comprises 8 amino acids which can not be produced by the body - essential amino acids - It contains beta-carotene - a source of vitamin A - It contains vitamin B1....

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Young Barley Grass is anti-inflammatory and antiviral. It is helpful in treating skin lesions, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. More and more often it is used as a weight loss aid. Green barley, due to its properties it is used as a formulation for breath freshening and gargles.

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It contains digestive enzymes and natural vegetable extracts. It decreases flatulence, eliminates pains in the digestive system, normalizes intestinal peristalsis, and increases the production of digestive juices. The unique combination of enzymes helps digest proteins, sugars, and lipids.

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Silica has a regenerating, cleansing, anti-fungal and strengthening effect on the human body at all its physical and energetic levels.

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therapies detoxifying and cleaning of the liver, for the elderly and convalescents to support the body's richness of its components vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for retarding the aging process of cells.

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