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Aphrodisiac which acts as a stimulant improves potency. Brazilians call this plant marapuama and apply it for centuries. Sometimes it is used as a cure for impotence. Short-term effects of muira puama to increase the flow of blood to the pelvic region, improving erection in men, as well as the experience and orgasm in women. Regular intake causes...

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Specially selected composition of herbs in this formulation, and the root of ginseng for men, it causes congestion of organs in the pelvis, mainly genitals, thus increasing the excitability of sexual liberating a feeling of excitement. The product also contains herbal extracts and active relaxing anti-stress.

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How can diatoms help you: - Cleansing your body ensuring clean intestines, - Removal of parasites from your digestive system - Healthy hair, nails and joints - Improvement of metabolism, weight loss, healthy figure - Neutral pH reaction - Detoxification

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Composition: - a superior blend of 26 herbs - made only from the highest quality botanical extract and free from all chemicals and alcohol. Alveo – in Latin it means “To Be Well”

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- Nutrition for the brain - Nourishing the liver - Renal problems - Antiviral activity - Reinforced hair, skin and nails - Diabetes and blood sugar levels - Helps to control weight gain - It comprises 8 amino acids which can not be produced by the body - essential amino acids - It contains beta-carotene - a source of vitamin A - It contains vitamin B1....

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Vitamin K2MK7 exerts in the following areas: - The aging of the body - heart diseases - osteoporosis - Alzheimer's disease and other brain diseases - wrinkles - diabetes - Rheumatoid arthritis - multiple sclerosis - Cancer - Pregnancy and get pregnant - The health of newborn - Testosterone and male fertility - Dental health and development szczęko-skull.

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MSM Key benefits - Promotes healthy hair, skin & nails - Encourages the formation of collagen - Helps reduce pain & inflammation in joints and much more...

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Especially recommended as a support for people who complain of joint pain, liver problems and various skin changes and for people who struggling with Candida albicans and similar funguses. Because of its properties it is used by people who suffer from psoriasis and acute acne. It also adds energy to affect your overall psychophysical health.

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Propolis is the super sterile – reakishly sterile – junk that bees use to build their hives. It’s quite literally bee glue, used to hold everything together, seal every crack, and caulk virtually every floor, wall and surface of the hive to make it one of the cleanest, most sterile environments in nature.

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Pure Raw Phytoplankton The World’s ‘Future Superfood’ It's organic and suitable for all types - Vegan or vegetarians

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therapies detoxifying and cleaning of the liver, for the elderly and convalescents to support the body's richness of its components vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for retarding the aging process of cells.

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Beta Cruenta Plus is recommended for those going through or having completed chemotherapy treatment, anaemia, leukaemia, haemophilia, blood clots, varicose veins and numbness of limbs, physical exhaustion following pregnancy and child birth, children and young people during intensive growth stages, recovery following active sports and digestive complaints.

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