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BioColostrum 100% natural diet supplement  Accelerates renewal of injured muscle, bone, cartilage, collagen and nerve tissue. It enhances the burning of fat during the diet. Accelerates healing burns, operative wounds, injuries from cuts, abrasions and irritated lips. Reduces overall infections and pain, gingivitis, sensitivity of teeth, toothaches after...

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Vitamin K2MK7 exerts in the following areas: - The aging of the body - heart diseases - osteoporosis - Alzheimer's disease and other brain diseases - wrinkles - diabetes - Rheumatoid arthritis - multiple sclerosis - Cancer - Pregnancy and get pregnant - The health of newborn - Testosterone and male fertility - Dental health

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The combination of this vitamins will help you improve your well-being, protect yourself against osteoporosis, osteomalacia, bone mineralization disorders and reduce the risk of developing atherosclerosis. Vitamin K2 without D3 can't function properly. The biological effects of K2 are also weakened by the lack of vitamin D, so in fact this two nutrients...

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Indicated: • as support during and after antibiotic therapy • with prolonged stress • in the absence of energy • for problems with the intestines • when the intestinal bacterial flora needs to be supplemented with Lactobacillus bacteria • in case of problems with the digestive system • with stomach problems such as reflux, abdominal pain etc. • with...

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