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BioColostrum 100% natural diet supplement  Accelerates renewal of injured muscle, bone, cartilage, collagen and nerve tissue. It enhances the burning of fat during the diet. Accelerates healing burns, operative wounds, injuries from cuts, abrasions and irritated lips. Reduces overall infections and pain, gingivitis, sensitivity of teeth, toothaches after...

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Vitamin K2MK7 exerts in the following areas: - The aging of the body - heart diseases - osteoporosis - Alzheimer's disease and other brain diseases - wrinkles - diabetes - Rheumatoid arthritis - multiple sclerosis - Cancer - Pregnancy and get pregnant - The health of newborn - Testosterone and male fertility - Dental health and development szczęko-skull.

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The syrup supplements calcium deficiency, especially in conditions of increased demand (pregnancy, lactation, periods of intensive growth in children, convalescence, bone fracture, rickets). Advised in the treatment of allergic diseases, inflammations, osteoporosis.

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Natural antioxidants, which protect cells from the degrading effect of free radicals. Wealth of vitamins and macronutrients, in particular potassium and folic acid, which regulate the growth and proper functioning of cells, which is extremely important for pregnant women, the elderly and the problems of the nervous system. Beet juice is part of the anemic...

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The Xtra Immunity DifferenceAll NaturalFour antioxidant extracts: organic rice bran, organic brown rice, papaya, and organic kelp.Convenient one-month supplyLiquid, palatable formulaNon-GMOZero caloriesSCD Probiotics

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Ingredients: Bio olive oil, vitamin D from lanolin (cholecalciferol), menachion (MK-7, vitamin K) from Bacillus Natto fermentation, antioxidant: rosemary extract. Contents: 20ml / 600 drops. 

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We selling set of Vitamins:  D3 + K2MK7 20ml + E(tocotrienols)20ml + Q10(ubiquinol) 20ml + Astaxanthin + Vitamin C from wild rose with buckwheat in blossom 300g, PROVED Normal price of all vitamins separately £201,95  Sale price £153,95 and minus one more sale special for you then price for all set is £149.99!!

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