£ 1.50

KSYLITOLKI this delicious candy with xylitol content WITHOUT SUGAR!!!   They inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. Facilitate the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Deacidification body. Strengthen the immune system and autoimmune.   Ingredients: xylitol (birch natural sugar), acerola, turmeric, natural dye beet sugar, magnesium stearate.

£ 2.99

Dark Chocolate with Strawberry (75g) Gluten and sugar free! Natural and delicious! Torras is a well respected Spanish company specialising in sugar free products. Really respected throughout Europe.

£ 22.99

COLAFIT clear, crystal natural collagen, source of structural substances for the osseous system and skin, structural material for the joints, ligaments, tendons, synovial fluid and much more.. 8 mg of freeze-dried collagen in the form of ankle, after ingestion will produce in the body 800 mg of the highest quality collagen gel.